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Thanks to the slow start to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in gaining wider currency as a terminology standing for a surgical specialty and the wide-ranging conditions - of the face, head, neck, jaws, and mouth - it can treat, Fort Hospitals has erroneously remained synonymous with a dental service provider in popular perception. Located in the heart of the IT belt in Hyderabad, Fort Hospitals is fast emerging as the most sought-after referral destination for facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries, indirectly helping our economy to grow even as we strive to give international medical tourism a boost by serving esteemed patients traveling across borders.

Whether it’s maxillofacial surgery, orthognathic surgery, jaw surgery, fixing facial fractures for an aesthetically beautiful symmetrical face or treating jaw and ear pain arising out of an untreated temporomandibular joint, our team of highly acclaimed experts are second to none when it comes to treating such conditions with the best possible outcome. We are a super specialty, meticulously focused on providing an integrated medical service encompassing dental, facial, head and neck sub-specialties that includes treatment facilities for rare and hard-to-pronounce conditions such as Malocclusion, blepharoplasty, TMJ ankylosis, apert syndrome, crouzon syndrome, craniosynostosis or Trismus.

Without compromising on aesthetics while undertaking facial reconstruction procedures, the Facial Deformity Correction Clinic (FDCC) at Fort Hospitals is equipped with advanced treatment options to perform cleft lip or hair lip, facelift, chin implant, cleft palate surgery, facial bone fractures, craniofacial surgery or even taking up precision-based microvascular reconstruction of facial deformities.

For varied facial deformities such as jaw swelling, dislocated jaw, jaw growth, restricted mouth opening, jaw osteomyelitis, underbite correction, open bite deformity or adverse consequences arising out of benign jaw tumors, the centre for facial cosmetic and orthognathic surgery at Fort Hospitals offers comprehensive treatment options besides providing 24X7 emergency care for a select range of dental infections & conditions.

Our comprehensive dental, face, head and neck facilities at Fort Hospitals is never complete without pivotal service made available by experts from the department of oral oncology as untreated mouth cancer, tongue cancer, lip cancer or oropharyngeal cancer sometimes affect the oro-facial region too. From the first signs of mouth cancer to complete oral cancer treatment, our team of doctors at Fort Hospitals has one or the other treatment option available to undertake facial cosmetic surgery without disrupting any function of the organs like the brain, digestive system, vision, respiratory system, speech, swallowing, smell and hearing

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