A possibly dangerous condition, mastoiditis is caused by a middle ear infection left untreated which spreads to the mastoid bone. As the mastoid bone is a standout amongst the most critical structures in your inner ear, it can prompt serious ear pain, fever and eventually hearing loss if that is left without treating it.

Mastoiditis is the rarest of all ear diseases influencing the mastoid bone. While it is known as a bone, the mastoid is more a porous, spongy air-filled organ which helps create space in the middle ear, protecting the delicate structures of the ear.

While extreme instances of Mastoiditis can expect admission to hospital, the typical treatment for a gentle case, or a case got before it can form into a progressively genuine infection, is antibiotics managed either orally or intravenously and an intensive clean of the influenced region. In most cases, the doctor will recommend you an expansive range of antibiotics while a swab is sent to the lab and decide the correct antibiotics required to fight the infection.

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