Speech Therapy and sleep apnea clinic

Speech and Language Therapy helps individuals with communication, language and speech difficulties to communicate to the best of their ability and as effectively as could reasonably be expected.

Speech therapy is basically a treatment that individuals of all ages can experience, to fix their speech. Although speech therapy alone would concentrate on fixing speech related issues like treating one’s vocal pitch, volume, tone, rhythm, and articulation.

Fort hospital is the best speech therapy clinic in Hyderabad where our specialist team of speech-language pathologists, trained to help with speech, voice or language related difficulties and challenges in every day, business, and academic settings.

We are an independent organization consisting of practicing speech-language pathologists and audiologists – and have been in operation since 2010. Fort hospital specialists get to the root of the matter, find out your issues in speech, language or communication and provide training to overcome them through scientific and structured therapy. All the Speech Therapists in our team are highly qualified & experienced and you get the benefit of our expertise.

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