The turbinectomy surgery is performed in our ENT specialist hospital in Hyderabad, potentially as a major aspect of a blended methodology that additionally incorporates rhinoplasty or sinus surgery, or as part of a larger treatment aimed at treating obstructive sleep apnea. It is likewise conceivable, in some cases, to perform turbinectomy and septoplasty together.

A turbinectomy is typically performed under general anesthetic and takes about an hour. The surgery comprises of evacuating either just bone or sometimes both bone and soft tissue. Diverse strategies might be utilized including electrocautery, burning or a microdebrider. Our specialist will use computed tomography to get a clear perspective of the surgical site.

The method and approach used always depends on the individual needs of the patient, but each surgeon has his or her own beliefs and approach to turbinate reduction. Your surgeon may pack your nasal passage. The packing will be expelled before you leave our hospital. All the time a turbinectomy is performed along with a methodology to correct a deviated septum.

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