Facial Cosmetic & Orthhognathic Surgery

At Fort Hospitals we have the best facial cosmetic surgeon who provides orthognathic jaw surgery, cosmetic facial treatments, orthognathic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery for men and women all at one place with affordable prices.

Corrective jaw surgery which is known as orthognathic surgery is a common procedure performed to improve a person’s ability to speak. In turn, corrective jaw surgery can have several aesthetic benefits and other functional improvements too. Some of the problems that may be cured with orthognathic surgery include jaws that are too large or too small, too forward or too back. Orthognathic surgery for upper jaw or lower jaw not only improves facial appearance but also ensures the teeth meet correctly and functions properly.

We have in house advanced and best surgical oncologist in Hyderabad with years of experience providing the best treatments. Check our orthognathic surgery before and after results and the average cost of orthognathic jaw surgery and facial cosmetic surgery cost in Hyderabad, India.

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