Head & Neck Reconstructive Surgery

Head and neck reconstructive surgery can be needed for many reasons. Post-traumatic defects and cancer resections can both require complex reconstruction procedures. Within the head and neck these cancers can be related to skin, Mouth / Tonsil / Tongue, Larynx (voice box), Pharynx (throat), nose, and sinuses.

Head and neck specialists at Fort hospitals always performs reconstructive procedures under a general anaesthesia. In cases of trauma, the affected tissue is cleaned and repaired whilst in the setting of cancer treatment and the malignant lesion is removed.

For cancer treatments, the reconstruction is performed under the same anaesthesia in almost all cases by our head and neck specialists. These procedures are complex and often require involvement from other specialist surgeons (such as neurosurgeons, head, and neck cancer surgeons and oral surgeons) to be involved in the operating team.

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