It is the speciality pertaining to the diagnosis , treatment planning , rehabilitation and the maintainence of the oral function , comfort , appearance and health of patient with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes.

Treatments include :

    Full mouth rehabilitation.
    All on 4 implant procedure.

    Complete denture.
    Removable partial denture.
    Immediate replacement dentures
    Pterygoid implants.

    Centric relation
    Implant supported dentures.
    Zygoma implants .

Implants :

    Basic implant terminology.
    Planning dental implants.
    Surgical phases.
    Provisional and definitive restoration of dental implants.
    Maintenance phase.

Basic implant terminology :

    Should be familiar with the basic elements of a generic implant system.
    Understand the basic principles involved in the placement and restoration of dental implants.
    Be able to discuss basic dental implant treatment in generic terms.

Planning dental implants :

    Should be familiar with the indications and contradictions of using dental implants.
    Be aware of and be able to discuss the stages involved in planning for dental implants.
    Be aware of the basic terminology of implant supported restorations.

Surgical phases :

    Be aware of the basic surgical principles surrounding dental placement.
    Be aware of the restorative / surgical interface associated with the provision of dental implants.
    Appreciate the importance of the role of the restorative clinician during the surgical phases of implant placement.

Provisonal and definitive restoration of dental implants :

    Should understand how dental implants are provisionally and definitively restored.
    Recognize the options available for restoring dental implants.
    Be able to discuss the basic principles of dental implant restoration.

Should understand the requirement for long – term maintenance and follow-up of dental implants. :

    Understand the process of reviewing dental implants.
    Be familiar with methods of patient and professionally delivered dental implant maintenance.
    Be familiar with potential complications associated with dental implants.

Specialization expects to restore the smile of the patient and safeguard your oral health for the long term.

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