Otoplasty And Audiometry

Ear correction medical procedure also known as otoplasty is normally done to move prominent or protruding ears closer to the head or to diminish the size of extensive ears. The medical procedure can likewise adjust huge or extended ear cartilage or lobes with expansive creases and wrinkles. Our specialists can even form new ears for individuals who were conceived without them or who have lost them through injury.

Otoplasty is generally performed on children between the age group of 4 and 14 years. Ear surgery on adults is likewise possible and there are commonly no extra risks involved in ear surgery on an adult.

You might need to approach your doctor for guidance on an appropriate and experienced specialist or hospital where otoplasty is performed. It is desirable to have this technique done by a specialist who is trained to perform otoplasty surgery and has a great deal of experience in carrying out this type of medical procedure.

At Fort hospital, Otoplasty surgery takes around one to three hours, depends on the patient. You may have a local anesthesia, yet some individuals prefer a general anesthesia. Usually, children are given a general anesthesia.

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