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List of Maxillofacial Surgery in our Hospital.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Facial Fractures / Trauma

Fascial spaces do not exist in a normal healthy individual

Facial Space Infections

Fascial spaces do not exist in a normal healthy individual

Dentoalveolar Fractures

Dentoalveolar fractures involves the bone surrounding the teeth 

Cyst and Tumors of the Jaw & Face

Jaw tumors and cysts are growths or lesions 

Neuralgias / Nerve Pain

Neuralgias are paroxysmal, intense intermittent pain confined to nerve branches of the head and neck 

Maxillary Sinus Pathologies

Inflammatory lesions, Cystic conditions, Neoplasms, Developmental, Calcification, Traumatic.

Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery

Orthognathic surgery involves the surgical repositioning of the upper and/or lower jaw

Cleft Lip and Palate

Cleft lip and palate (CLP) are among the most common craniofacial abnormalities

Salivary Gland Pathologies

The salivary glands produces saliva that helps in hydrating the soft tissues of our mouth

Vascular Malformations

Venous malformations of the head and neck arise from deficits in the development of venous system


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