Chin Surgery

Genioplasty / Mentoplasty

Chin Surgery (Genioplasty / Mentoplasty)

A surgical procedure which can enhance the overall look of the face by altering the position and size of the chin. It is done to reposition or reshaping the chin to improve facial profile

Used to correct the following problems:

  • receding chins, or retrognathic mandible
  • overly large or extended chins
  • chins that are very short
  • misaligned or asymmetrical chins
  • abnormal dental bite
  • People receive general anesthesia before a genioplasty procedure.
Why is it needed?
Generally people undergo genioplasty procedures,to alter the appearance of  chin region.
Retrogenia is a condition when the chin and lower jaw are backwardly placed causing obstructive sleep apnea that causes airway obstruction while sleeping.

Preparation  for a chin augmentation procedure?
For any  procedure,there are certain guidelines and protocols that should be followed. You can discuss the chin augmentation process in detail with your surgeon if in doubt.The series of guidelines include There will be a pre-surgery preparation, which includes:
  1. Reviewing your medical background and history.
  2. Undergoing physical examination.
  3. Discussing your expectations.
  4. Discussing what you are expecting from the genioplasty procedure and what kind of results the patient is expecting.
  5. Preparing your body for the surgery completely.
The above mentioned  steps are important to follow as they prepare you mentally and physically for the surgery.
We guide during each step of the procedure to ensure that the patients  are completely ready for the treatment and satisfied during and after the treatment.

Sliding genioplasty

Sliding genioplasty

The chin bone is cut in half and slides one segment over the other away from the rest of the jaw.

Repositioning of the chin by sliding it forward or backward is done to correct receding or protruding chins.

Asymmetrical chins are also corrected by sliding or reshaping one side of the chin to match the other.

After repositioning, the chin is fixed to the jaw with surgical plates and screws.


Implant augmentation

Implant augmentation
We can reshape, elongate, or enhance a person’s chin by attaching plastic or silicone implants around the existing chin bone.
During this procedure, a surgeon places an implant over the chin bone, securing it with plates and screws.

Implant augmentation procedure

Implant augmentation procedures take about 120 minutes. 


  • Minor swelling, redness, or bruising if occurs, which would resolve on its own.
  • Most people can return to their daily activities within 1 week.
  • Heads elevated for 1–2 weeks following surgery.
  • The chin may appear completely healed within a few weeks. However, complete recovery occurs when there are no more signs of residual swelling, which can take 3 months.
  • patients should attend regular follow-up appointments for their surgeon to monitor their healing and address any complications.. 

Risks and complications

These procedures are safe and effective methods of enhancing the chin’s appearance.

Possible complications of genioplasty include:

redness or bruising

tenderness or pain


loss of sensation or numbness


damage to nerves or tooth roots

allergic reaction to filler or implant material

changes in implant position

Recovery procedures after chin augmentation

We stand with our patients, even after surgery, for post-treatment care. The post-treatment exercises & habits  the patients must follow includes

  1. Visible swelling is normal over the chin region.It is normal.
  2. In the case of infections, antibiotics are prescribed to control the infection.
  3. There might be numbness over the lip and chin area, which comes to normal gradually.
  4. Avoid solid food.
  5. Patient can start on solid food diet post 3 days of surgery.
  6. Stay on a liquid and semi-solid diet.
  7. Smoking should be avoided.
  8. Avoid putting any strain on your chin region.


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